Who are our partners?


Our goal is for you to find the right candidates. Therefore, we work with different partners so that your job postings reach even more candidates. Our partner network consists of job sites, news sites, professional sites, regional papers, newspapers, job magazines, communications agencies, ATS (applicant tracking systems), candidate databases, search engine and more. For a successful campaign it is important to design a formula that includes a combination of all these tools and media. Qiwie put together more than 100 formulas that integrate these services from our partners.




Oracle Taleo 
TMS Monster 
+ 25 partners


+ 200 partners

Social Media

+ 15 partners

Print Media

+ 15 partners

Job Aggregators

+ 50 partners

Professional sites

FD Magazine 
HR square 
Tax World 
+ 25 partners



What are our partners saying?


“Qiwie has been using the services of since its inception to attract good candidates. This formula works, because by taking advantage of the functionalities we have to offer, they continue to find the best candidate profiles for your job openings. This partnership is a true win-win situation, both for Stepstone and Qiwie, as well as for you as the customer.”  

Alan Van Der Boom (Key Account Manager


“Qiwie and have recently become partners in recruitment communications. The job postings published on by Qiwie have been optimised and are of high quality. Just like Megajobs, Qiwie believes that it is essential to provide excellent service. There is a continuous exchange of information and transparent communications. As the customer, you are reaping the benefits because you are increasing the chances of finding good candidates during your search.”  

Philip Thenaers (Sales Manager


“Qiwie and are partners in recruitment communications. The job openings published by Qiwie on Monster are always of good quality and fully optimised. Good service is essential for both Monster and Qiwie. The close partnership between Qiwie and our recruitment specialists continuously ensures a maximum ROI. Qiwie can utilise all the recruitment tools that Monster has available. In this way, we work towards reaching the right candidates quickly and efficiently.”  

Lieven Beersmans (Key Account Manager


“Qiwie and collaborate with each other on the job postings that are targeted towards the internet sector. introduces these job postings to active users from the internet sector via the website, newsletter and social media. These positions include online marketeers, web developers, social communications experts, web copywriters, project managers and sales people. Qiwie and Bloovi, a dual partnership that works.”  

Marnik D’hoore (Business Manager


“Qiwie and have been collaborating successfully with each other since the inception of to bring candidates and employers together through job postings that clearly convey the hiring company’s corporate identity. Candidates know which company they are submitting an application to, the job postings are highly visible and do not disappear into a black whole of anonymous job postings. Furthermore, each job posting is physically reviewed and optimised by SEO specialists for the best possible visibility by your target group.”  

Nanette Aarts (Business Manager