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Frequently asked questions

1. How long does Qiwie exist, how did Qiwie come into being and what makes Qiwie so unique? 

2. In what countries in Qiwie active? 

3. Does Qiwie act as an intermediary between the employer and the candidates?

4. What type of companies use the services of Qiwie?

5. Does Qiwie cooperate with temporary employment, recruitment and selection agencies?

6. Did Qiwie specialise in a specific industry or in specific positions?

7. What else does Qiwie do other than the publication of advertisements on jobsites?

8. How does Qiwie optimise my job offers?

9. Does Qiwie guarantee me the right candidate?

10. How does Qiwie provide for indirect applications?

11. The vacancy contains a (typographical) error. How do we solve this?

12. How long will my vacancy remain online?

13. How long will it take before a vacancy is online?

14. How do I know that my vacancy is online?

15. I personally have good experiences with a specific jobsite but I cannot find it in the portfolio of Qiwie?

16. Is it also possible to gain access to the resume databases of the jobsites?

17. Can I also have the reactions filtered on quality?

18. How often is my vacancy posted in case of a print campaign?

19. Can I personally create a campaign?

20. We use an Applicant Tracking System. Can the candidates be referred to my personal site?

21. Are the advertisements provided with my logo and company name?

22. What is a network sites?

23. What does the Qiwie newsletter contain?

24. What does a campaign at Qiwie cost?

25. What is a continuity campaign?

26. How long will my vacancy remain online on

27. Do I receive a discount in case of renewal of the same campaign?

28. Can I use my already purchased job credits in a Qiwie campaign?

29. Can I have Qiwie manage my directly purchased job credits?

30. My campaign is offline and I still receive applications?

31. Can I combine my print campaign and a campaign at Qiwie?

32. The applicants must compulsorily send specific documents, can this be included?

33. I have many candidates but they do not really comply with my vacancy. Now what?

34. Where can I find my Social Recruiting & Profile Targeting campaign online?

35. Can I add additional keywords to my Social Recruiting & Profile Targeting campaign?

36. What is a conversion?

37. Can I combine multiple vacancies in one and the same campaign?

38. What if the vacancy is filled before the duration has expired?

39. How long is active?

40. Can I post vacancies on free of charge?

41. My vacancy has been online for quite a while and I did not receive any applications yet?

42. In what languages does Qiwie rewrite and/or translate the vacancies?

43. Can I change the layout of

44. Does Qiwie cooperate with communication agencies?

45. Is it possible to combine a job advertisement in print and an online Qiwie formula?

46. How do I know if my print vacancy has been posted?

47. How does Qiwie measure the (offline) applications via print?

48. How does Qiwie measure the online applications?

49. When is my print campaign posted?

50. What guarantee of success does Qiwie provide?


Has-new-jobs questions

1. What is

2. When can candidates apply?

3. How long will my vacancies remain available on

4. How many pictures and films can I post on

5. Can I personally post jobs on

6. I have a personal ATS and my candidates must apply via this way. Is this possible?

7. Why is my email address not visible on the site?

8. How do I know when a candidate has applied via yourcompanyname.has-new-jobs?

9. Where do the applications end up?

10. Our company has different establishments. Are these also included on the jobsite?

11. The colours on my jobsite are not in line with my company logo. How do I adjust this?

12. My vacancy is online in the Dutch language. Is it still possible to view the vacancy in French and English?

13. I would like to ask the candidates some additional questions in order to simplify the selection. Is this possible?

14. When I print a vacancy a symbol has been placed with the company / the vacancy?

15. In what format should the logo and pictures be supplied?

16. In what format should the company film be supplied?

17. Is the jobsite also included in Google?

18. Can I use this jobsite at fairs and events?

19. We would like to see without those dashes or in a different language.

20. Can I link the jobsite to my website?

21. I would like to add other technical matters to the website. Is this possible?

22. How do I need to maintain the jobsite?