Invoice Terms

Click here to download the Invoice Conditions and Terms which are part of the General Conditions.


1. The Invoice Terms and Conditions can also be obtained on request by email or telephone. The following Invoice Terms and Conditions are applicable to all offers, purchase orders, work assignments, agreements and deliveries, unless a written agreement expressly deviates from the same. 


2. Each and every signatory of a purchase order commits jointly and severally with the natural or legal person in whose name he / she acts and is deemed to accept the Invoice Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions.


3. All invoices are payable within 7 calendar days, unless stipulated otherwise in writing. 


4. All possible bank or associated costs as well as the VAT are at the expense of the Customer. 


5. Provided discounts do not grant any rights for the future. A discount can be revoked if an invoice is paid late, a stipulated volume is not realised or the stipulated term is not respected.


6. In case of late payment by the Customer default interest equal to 12% per annum over the outstanding invoice amount shall be payable by operation of law and without any additional notice of default being required. Moreover, in case of late payment a fixed amount set at 15% of the invoice amount shall be payable with a minimum of EUR 250 per invoice.


7. The applied prices can be requested from Qiwie. Qiwie reserves the right to apply different prices and terms and conditions. Unless indicated otherwise, the prices of Qiwie are quoted in EUR excluding VAT and possible other taxes and duties.


8. Possible complaints must be sent to the address of the registered office of Qiwie by registered post within at the latest 7 calendar days, accurately stating the reason why a complaint is filed, failing which the invoice is deemed to have been accepted. 


9. Each and every person who signs a purchase order, even in the capacity of intermediary, is jointly and severally responsible for the advertisement that is being posted and for the payment of the invoice, even if it is addressed to third parties. 


10. The Customer cannot cancel or interrupt an order or on-going assignment, it shall be invoiced in full, even if it regards a series of reposts and/or adjustments. 


11. Each and every dispute with regard to this agreement is governed by Belgian law and is settled by the competent courts in Brussels. Qiwie reserves the right to address any other competent court. 


12. Qiwie is a department and trade name of the PSC Group (PSC BVBA People Solutions Company at the Congresstraat 35 in (1000) Brussels, company registration number with the Register of Legal Persons in Brussels: 0830.375.428).