How Qiwie works

How do we make your campaign successful?


Talent is the cornerstone of any well-run organisation. However, it isn’t always easy to find the right talent to fill your job openings. This is the area we excel in: Quickly matching your organisation up with suitable candidates.

1.You provide us with all necessary information and documentation along with the relevant objectives and expectations. We will take care of the next steps and report back to you where necessary. 


2.In which region should the campaign be visible? Which candidates would we like to reach? How do we attract the right candidates? What media will we use? Qiwie will create an effective campaign tailored to your job opening.


3.Is the posting appealing? Does it have the right title? Is the offer attractive? Is your company in the spotlight? Qiwie analyses and optimises your job posting so that it will reach your target group and will entice them to respond.


4.We publish your posting with your company name, logo, picture, video and all other information on the most suitable job sites, news sites, social media, in newspapers, magazines and via other online and offline channels.


5.Your campaign is online for 60 days. If something changes in the situation in the interim then you can adjust this free of charge and we continuously adjust the direction.Even the job postings in newspapers and magazines are analysed by us in detail. The numbers tell the tale and knowing the numbers leads to improvement.


6.The entire process from vacancy preparation to posting has been automated. From automatic confirmation emails to sending emails to rejected candidates.Your own job site makes it easy to collect responses and CVs from candidates. You can also apply the Q-Filter, Q-Assessment and even the Q-Selection.


7. You continue the process with the best candidate. We will manage the rejection notices for the other candidates for you in a correct and professional manner, in accordance with your corporate image. You save time and money by reaching the right candidates in the right place.



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