has-new-jobs questions

Qiwie creates a company page for you on which your company is described, on which all your outstanding vacancies via Qiwie are posted and on which your employees can give a brief explanation of the company.

Candidates can apply during the duration of an application campaign, which amounts to 60 days. In case of at least 1 vacancy candidates can also apply spontaneously. It always remains possible to still apply for an already filled vacancy .

Your vacancies remain online for 60 days. In case of a renewal 60 days are added to the offline date.

You can post 1 company film and 2 pictures: 1 on the homepage, 1 on the vacancy overview and 1 on the spontaneous application form.

For maximum quality only Qiwie has access to this function. You can always forward new vacancies via our website

Yes, of course this is possible. Qiwie sees to it that candidates are referred to your ATS. The application form is linked to the ATS partner per vacancy. For more questions about this link you can rely on your Qiwie Adviser.

When candidates apply the applications automatically end up in your mailbox. By only making it possible to apply by way of the application form everything is centralised and measured optimally.

With each and every application the jobsite sends a notification to the mailbox of the contact person, with detailed information about the candidate and his / her resume so that you can quickly assess whether he / she fits in your company.

The applications end up with the contact person whom you have indicated at the start of the application campaign. This also applies to the spontaneous applications. Should you wish to change the contact person then contact your Qiwie Adviser or go to to manage your campaign.

It is possible to include different establishments on your site. It is specifically indicated in the vacancy at which establishment the candidate will be employed.

There are different ways to adjust your jobsite to your wishes. Contact your Qiwie Adviser or go to to manage your campaign.

By default we show your vacancy in the Dutch language. If your vacancy needs to be visible in other languages then please contact your Qiwie Adviser to rewrite and/or translate the same.

Discuss the questions that you want to ask with your Qiwie Adviser and we then see to it that they are added to your vacancy.

This QR (Quick Response) code is placed automatically with your company and vacancies when they are printed. Always handy for job fairs.

We only accept logos in the following formats: png, jp(e)g – Maximum of 300px times 300 px.

The company film must be supplied in .mp4 and can be at most 5 minutes long. It is recommended to provide us with your YouTube link.

Yes, our in-house developed SEO system makes sure that your jobsite obtains a high score in Google.

You pay a licence for the use of your jobsite so you can personally decide where you exhibit it. After all, we also want to contribute to the distribution of your employer image. Moreover, the sidebar has a convenient print function that makes it possible to print the vacancies in a conveniently arranged overview with a QR code so that you can distribute them to the candidates.

Has-new-jobs was selected intentionally for SEO purposes. But we have also considered your personal wishes. That is why heeft-nieuwe-jobs, has-new-jobs and nouveaux-jobs are also available.

Yes. We even recommend this. Ask your IT expert to post the link of heeft-nieuwe-jobs following the vacancies.

We are always open to new ideas that can improve the jobsite. We record these and will try them during the monthly maintenance and upgrading of our system.

It is fully maintained by Qiwie. We always check for errors and bugs and we add updates to your jobsite to have it operate as optimally as possible. If you personally detect any errors then report this to your Qiwie Adviser as soon as possible or via our handy online helpdesk on