Has-new-jobs information


It all starts with a well-written and complete vacancy. Provide us with as much information as possible about the job description, the conditions and the offer. You can supply the vacancy by email, always in Word format so that it is easy to optimise and to implement adjustments.


Company details, company logo and company name
We always post the vacancies with your company logo and company name.
The supplied logo must comply with the following standards:
Minimum size: 75 px height en 75 px width
Maximum size: 300 px height en 300 px width
Format: .jpeg of .png
It goes without saying that your address details are also indispensable (location, zipcode)


Company film and company pictures
It is a must to provide us with at least two good pictures and/or a company film.
We add these to your personalised jobsite:
It renders the website attractive and often provides more information than a description.
Please take the following specifications into account:
Maximum size: 32 MB
Format: .mp4 of .wmv
Is your company film available on YouTube? Then you can provide us with the link.


Company colours
We prepare fully in your company style. That is why we require the specifications of the two most important company colours. You can supply these in hexadecimal values (e.g. #0000FF) or in rgb (0.0.255).


Selection procedure and selection criteria
It is very important to provide a candidate with as much information as possible. Communicate as clearly and transparently as possible. If a specific selection procedure needs to be followed or if specific selection criteria are in place then we recommend that you indicate this on your jobsite.


You can opt to receive the applications directly or in a general mailbox, e.g.: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . When candidates react an automatic confirmation email is generated. You communicate the address where you want to receive this email to us. The spontaneous applications are also sent to this address.


Details of contact person
This is the person who within your company is responsible for the spontaneous applications. It is important to indicate a contact person with the company so that the candidate can also reach your company directly. We include name, job title, email address and telephone number. By communicating these details you reduce the application threshold.

Supply the vacancy in Word ( .doc, docx , txt ) pas de .pdf
Supply testimonials in Word ( .doc, docx , txt ) pas .pdf


Testimonials, your employees take the floor
We learn from our continuing research that candidates find it important to know as much as possible about a company. Apart from the activities of the company candidates would like to know what the company culture is and what kind of people work there. The best way to communicate this is by having your employees take the floor. Qiwie provides a page for this on where you can show the name, picture, job title and seniority of your employees.

For the link with an Applicant Tracking System we require the correct URL of the application form of your ATS. Contact your Qiwie Adviser for more information and assistance when setting up the link.