Frequently asked questions

Qiwie came into being in the course of 2010 as a result of the cooperation between an HR Manager, a Recruitment Consultant and a Marketing Manager. We were all three looking for objective market advice and specific facts and figures in recruitment communication. Today our team consists of 12 specialists and we manage a customer portfolio of more than 200 different companies for which we have already prepared more than 1,000 campaigns. As the only player in Belgium we continuously carry out objective market research. Thanks to our hands-on experience our market knowledge is many times bigger than that of any other organisation in recruitment communications.

Qiwie offers, thanks to its international partnerships, vacancy packages in all European countries.

Qiwie does not have direct contact with the candidates as Qiwie is not a temporary employment, recruitment or selection agency. Weekly we call candidates from different areas and industries in order to find out, learn and understand how candidates search and what they consider to be important. We do this by way of a market research. You can also make use of our additional services like Q-Filter, Q-Assessment and/or Q-Selection and by making use of our Q-Consulting you can hire a Qiwie Adviser.

Our customer portfolio consists of small, medium-sized and large companies. The industries are also diverse. Qiwie provides added value to any company.

Toonaangevende interim-, rekruterings-, selectie- en zelfs headhuntkantoren doen heel vaak beroep op onze diensten. Ze vinden het belangrijk om de kandidaten op een objectieve manier te bereiken. Door de informatie uit ons uniek marktonderzoek weten ze hoe ze bepaalde kandidaten nog beter kunnen benaderen en waar ze de juiste sollicitanten voor hun klanten kunnen vinden.

Qiwie can turn its hand to anything. From building to government and from large multinationals to the baker on the corner. We always check what media (online, offline or both) we can best deploy for what specific vacancy and we have an appropriate answer to this for every industry or position.

Qiwie has a very extensive offer of services like banner advertising, social advertising, email campaigns, etc. Print advertising is also a strong component within the offer of Qiwie. Ask your Qiwie Adviser for more information.

Almost every jobsite has a search engine that allows candidates to easily search through the offer. By using clever keywords we can influence these search engines in order that your vacancy obtains a higher score. We advise you what job title you can best use and in addition we include a number of relevant keywords in the vacancy text. In case of print advertising we know exactly how large the ideal advertisement is, what titles appeal the most and what the strategic times for publication are.

No, not even a temporary employment, recruitment, selection or head hunting agency can guarantee you this. We go guarantee that we make maximum use of your opportunities to reach the right candidates though our campaign, we offer our clients a response guarantee: The certainty that you receive a minimum number of reactions per formula.

Candidates do not always apply the first time that they see a vacancy. Sometimes it is only after they have seen the vacancy a second or a third time that they react effectively. As we regularly let the vacancy return and thanks to the sharing tools that are anticipated in our services, the vacancy is often shared amongst friends and colleagues.

Before we post a vacancy it is analysed, prepared, optimised, rewritten en checked by a Qiwie Adviser. We improve possible linguistic errors and you can have things added or removed. We anticipate two improvement rounds. Are you still not entirely satisfied with the result? Then we adjust this free of charge.

A standard campaign at Qiwie lasts 60 days. Hence during 60 days your vacancy is posted on your personal jobsite, if you had one created. This differs for the other jobsites. Most apply a duration of 60 days, but there are jobsites that deviate from this. If you opt for a continuity campaign then we agree on the duration in advance.

Qiwie posts vacancies within 24 hours. If you want to have the vacancy rewritten and/or checked then you need to take a time limit of 48 hours into account. In case of a translation and/or retranslation this can in exceptional instances amount to 72 hours.

After publication we always send a test email to check if the reactions are sent to the correct email address. Moreover we also send a so called link email with links to all online advertisements. You can then personally check if the vacancy has been posted as you had in mind.

Communicate this to us and we can check if we can include this jobsite in the Qiwie portfolio. Should this not be possible then we can, if so desired, take over the management of your account. Everything is then very easily centralised with us and your vacancy is also placed on this jobsite within one working day.

We are specialised in the publication of online advertisements. Access to resume databases is not possible via Qiwie. The latent candidates who are included in these databases can however still be reached by sending specific email campaigns, completely in your company style.

All reactions are automatically filtered on SPAM. In addition they can also be filtered on a number of hard criteria so that you only receive the most relevant applications. Candidates who do not qualify can automatically be rejected with this system. Clearly in a correct manner and in the style that is fully geared to your company.

This depends on the selected package. Most of the media anticipate weekly publication on a fixed day with the possibility or republication of the vacancy. We make sure that the effect of this print campaign continues much longer as we provide your vacancy with a QR code and refer back to your jobsite.

On the basis of intensive research we prepare a campaign together with you. It is possible to personally make adjustments and to at your own discretion add or remove sites. Our Qiwie Adviser is pleased to be of assistance during the preparation of the best campaign for your vacancy.

The link with an ATS can always be made. Per system we check what the best landing pages are. Qiwie cooperates with more than 10 different ATS systems.

We post the vacancies as much as possible with the name and the logo of your company. We always act on behalf of your company so that your organisation is in the spotlight and your employer brand or employer image grows and is reinforced.

A network sites is a posting on one of our partner sites. The Qiwie network consists of more than 150 partners that have a combined network of more than 500 websites. Our network and the way of network sites is unique. As a result your vacancy always obtains the highest score in Google and appears everywhere in the form of a banner or a regular advertisement. Also in case of a print campaign the vacancy is network sites on a different medium like a professional site. Ask your Qiwie Adviser for more information about this.

Our newsletter contains the latest news about our services and interesting trivia about online recruitment. Once a month you are, thanks to our newsletter, fully up to speed again of the latest trends and developments.

Every vacancy is unique: Our experience teaches us that an administrative employee is easier to find than a technical specialist. Depending on your needs we prepare a campaign that is in line with this. An average campaign with us costs € 1,495.

In case of a continuity campaign, also referred to as a visibility campaign, your vacancy is posted online for 6, 9 or 12 months without interruption. Your campaign is always maximally visible as a result of which you do not miss out on candidates. A continuity campaign is ideal if you are looking for specific positions throughout the year or for bottleneck professions.

By default your vacancy will remain online for 60 days. It is always possible to adjust your campaign or to terminate it early. As long as a vacancy is available on your jobsite it will be possible for candidates to apply spontaneously. If you opted for a social recruiting & profile targeting formula then your vacancy will remain online for 90 days or until your clicks have been used.

In case of a renewal of an identical campaign you receive a 10% discount. You can even have small changes and adjustments implemented. A standard renewal is 60 days, you can also renew for a longer or a shorter period in joint consultation with your Qiwie Adviser.

It is indeed possible to use these in a Qiwie campaign. At Qiwie you can also replace your credits by another jobsite or you are entitled to a discount.

Yes, this is possible and Qiwie will then still take a lot of work off your hands: We assist you during the analysis, rewriting, creation and publication of the campaign.

If you are still receiving applications then the vacancy is probably still online on one of the partner sites.

Absolutely, the combination can even be required for specific types of positions. You can then also opt to also rely on Qiwie for your print media. We are pleased to cooperate with your current or a different communication partner.

We can adjust the selection criteria in joint consultation so that you receive even more specific applications. We do recommend keeping the application threshold as low as possible.

We analyseren samen waar het fout loopt. Moeten we de functietitel verbeteren of de inhoud van de vacature aanpassen? We gaan tot het uiterste met een gemeenschappelijk doel voor ogen: zo veel mogelijk geschikte kandidaten bereiken.

The keywords are collected on the basis of a unique tool that indicates on the basis of which keywords searches are carried out for a specific type of position. It is important to know how a candidate searches, we retrieve this information from our objective market research. It goes without saying that you can personally specify keywords that are related to your company or to the outstanding position.

De trefwoorden worden verzameld aan de hand van een unieke tool die aangeeft op basis van welke keywords er voor een bepaald type functie gezocht wordt. Het is belangrijk om te weten hoe een kandidaat zoekt, deze informatie halen we uit ons objectief marktonderzoek. Uiteraard kunt u zelf trefwoorden opgeven die te maken hebben met uw bedrijf of met de openstaande functie.

It is an English term for view, click and apply. It is a vacancy that is found, that one clicks on and that results in an application. With the number of conversions we can measure the specific return on investment. And measuring means knowing and improving.

It is not possible to reach the right candidates for different vacancies in the same campaign because each and every vacancy is unique.

We can put your vacancy offline within 1 working day free of charge. We do, however, recommend that you leave your vacancy online so that you can build up a reserve and you make optimal use of your investment. We could include the following: “This vacancy has been filled”.

By default remains online for 1 year. Candidates can apply if a campaign is posted. Hence the jobsite does not offer added value without an active vacancy. Due to the layout of the site it will even obtain a high score in the search results with just 1 vacancy.

It is only possible to post vacancies on this site if they are related to a campaign. This is a consequence of the layout of the site. The vacancies that are posted are by default provided with maximum sponsoring and network sitesing to more than 25 websites, in exchange for an investment.

During the duration of the campaign it is possible to implement adjustments free of charge. We also recommend specific changes proactively or we adjust the direction. For some positions it is very difficult to attract good candidates. With a powerful Qiwie campaign you maximise your chances.

By default our services anticipate 1 national language. We can rewrite and/or translate the vacancy in a different language and we charge additional costs for this depending on the vacancy. is completely personalised with your logo, company name, company film and pictures. You can have the complete layout of this site adjusted against an additional fee. Ask your Qiwie Adviser for more information about this.

Qiwie maintains constructive interaction with communication agencies. We cooperate with them in addition to their services and thanks to our specialisation in recruitment communication they rely on our services.

Certainly, as both channels are mutually reinforcing it is even recommended to combine the two. It increases the range of your vacancy and your chances of quickly finding the right candidate.

Within a week after publication of your vacancy in the newspaper or magazine we send you a copy by post.

Measuring is also important in case of an offline / print campaign. We do this by stating a unique code with the vacancy so that we know what applications were generated by which media.

We have developed a system that bundles all measuring data of the various jobsites, search engines, social media and various other websites into a conveniently arranged result. The measuring is very thorough: How many candidates found the job in the search results? How many consulted the vacancy? How many went to the application form without applying and how many candidates effectively applied? How did the candidates find the job? On the basis of what keywords? Etc.

Depending on the selected medium this is on fixed day, weekly or biweekly. By making use of different print media you vacancy will be posted on different days and will reach more candidates.

Qiwie guarantees that you chances to reach the right candidates will be maximal. We do not guarantee that the candidate will effectively start with you. With the Qiwie services you reach the right candidates, you save time and costs and you maximise your reputation.