How to reinforce your Employer Branding


The importance of good Employer Branding and how to reinforce it.
Just as many other terms in the business community you probably have heard this one before. But what really is Employer Branding?

Summarised it is the collection of all efforts made by your company to steer your Employer Brand (read: image) such that your company is perceived as if it were the best place to work at. As a company you expand a successful employer brand, consciously and unconsciously, to your own employees, shareholders, business relations and potential new employees. Make no mistake about it: Whether you actively work on your employer brand or not, you do have one. And do you know what your image really is?

Why is good employer branding important?
• EGood employer branding can reduce your recruitment costs considerably. It follows from research that a positive image results in more spontaneous and even better applicants.
• A good employer brand provides for additional word of mouth advertising. An employee is glad to speak about his / her work if he / she is satisfied and customers also spread the word if they are served well somewhere.
• Each and every company is under pressure with the aftereffects of the crisis and with all new forms of working that manifest themselves each and every company is facing an additional challenge: How do I deploy my human capital optimally? Opting for good employer branding is the key to the future.
• Thanks to a positive employer brand employees stay with your organisation longer and they are more involved in the work. It is the perfect tool to reduce your staff wastage.


Employer branding? How do I start?
With the following tips you are already well on your way, but do not start without remembering the first line. It forms the basis of successful employer branding:
Be honest and authentic. Harmonise how your employees and candidates experience your company: Explain in your communication what your company is really like, not what you wish it were like. It is important to be realistic and authentic, more than to stand out from other employers. The core values of your organisation must be expressed in all components of your company. Keep in mind that people have access to many informal information sources and can therefore find out much about your company. It makes no sense concealing things.

This gives you a good start:

• Determine what distinguishes your company from other companies. This can be in the area of location, promotion opportunities, benefits exceeding the statutory minimum, training possibilities, etc. Do not be modest and dare to emphasise your strengths. Ask your employees or your customers for advice as they are the first who can tell you something about this.
• An open atmosphere on the shop floor with room for feedback and contribution of your staff is primordial, as an employer you have full control over this. Also deal with their feedback constructively, this way you show your staff that you take their comments to heart. The feeling that you listen to them is felt very strongly about.
• Give the floor to your employees on the application page of your website. They are the best and most credible ambassadors you have and they are pleased to propagate your employer brand.
• Control the perception of your company and what you really are as a company. Your image is partly created by the public opinion, nobody can avoid this. Make sure that these two are not too far apart.
• ZMake sure that you are up to date in terms of the new media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ...). Mention things there that you organise as a company, like company parties, and accomplished results. Keep it light-hearted; these are not media for heavy subject matters. Do realise that you do not fully control what is distributed about your company via these channels. Do not be tempted to react to negative criticism, fight back stronger with the beautiful, positive stories that are going on within your company.

Qiwie wishes you all the best with your employer branding, please note that we can always assist and advise you and that we always take your employer brand into account when we optimise your campaigns.


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