Recruitment via Twitter

wpid-photo-31-jan-2012-1844Twitter as an online recruitment tool?!

Twitter, nowadays you run into it everywhere: websites, TV programmes, newspapers, magazines, they all do something on Twitter. Why do you not give it a try?

It will become clear that it is a useful tool that you can use in your quest for new talent. We are pleased to hereby provide you with the step-by-step plan.


Step 1:
Create a Twitter account for your company and as an individual. You will notice that people react differently when you tweet on behalf of the company and when you tweet under your own name.

Stap 2:
Select people and companies that you will follow. Pick Twitterers who are really of interest to you and who can add value to your company. Often people who you start following will also start following your account, that way you create followers by personally taking the initiative.

Step 3:
Send a DM (Direct Message). Is there a Twitterer who is of particular interest to you? Then send him / her a personal message. Twitter is a way to be in contact with each other in a relaxed, informal way. Who knows, maybe these kinds of encounters will result on an unexpected applicant?

Stap 4:
Tweet that your company has an outstanding vacancy. You do this in a short and powerful way with at most 1,000 characters: “We are looking for a technical employee for our establishment in Oudenaarde! Will you reinforce our team?”. Conclude with a well-known hash tag: #jobs, #vacature. For all the details you refer to your website. Ask other Twitterers and all employees within your company to retweet the message. They will be pleased to do this as it is in their own interest to haul in a good and pleasant new employee. You can also ask friends and family for a RT (Retweet).

Stap 5:
Regularly tweet un update about what it is like to work for your company, even in periods that you are not actively looking for employees. Send a message about the upcoming company trip or a certain accomplished result. These kinds of tweets can trigger candidates and even if they are not actively looking for a new challenge, you can attract their attention in this way.


Stap 6:
Keep the tweets intentionally light, amusing and interesting. A bit of humour is a good thing. Twitter is not a medium to send heavy subject matters into the world.

Qiwie wishes you all the best with your first steps on Twitter. You will certainly find us there and we would be honoured if your organisation would wish to follow us. Until the next tweet!

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