Recruitment via Facebook

Rekrutern via facebook

Talking about recruitment via Facebook incites rather divergent reactions.

Some consider it a violation of the privacy whilst others consider it an easy job and they make every effort to attract that one perfect candidate. 

Of course there are different ways of handling the recruitment. These days the creation of a Facebook page for your company is a logical step. This way you do not intrude in the life of potential candidates in an uninvited manner. Other Facebook users are free to like your page or not. Via your page you create a platform where you post information about your company that reinforces your employer brand. This regards trivia, information about accomplished results, company trips, but clearly also: vacancies. Facebook is a free tool that does not need to take a lot of time. If you only create a page then you depart from the principle: it does not hurt to try. Of course a successful page creates a forum for action and reaction and sometimes your posts can also have negative reactions. It is important how you react to this: Do not join the negative trend, but fight back with the positive matters that are going on within your company. This way a negative reaction often ebbs away quickly.


Recruitment via Facebook is not only accomplished by communicating your vacancy on your company page, you can take this a step further and ask your staff to also share the vacancy on their profiles. If you pursue good internal employer branding, in other words if your staff is pleased and enjoys working for your company, then your people will certainly reply to this. They also realise that it will benefit them when a motivated and suitable candidate is quickly found to reinforce the team. Some employees will even be proud to introduce one of their friends to their employer and cooperating with people with whom you have a good relationship is always a good thing. Asking your staff to do this is also a good satisfaction test. If people hesitate or reject then you can wonder why and confront your staff with this. That way you can find out more about dormant dissatisfaction within your company.


As an organisation you can also take a more tactical approach and advertise on Facebook. You do this on the basis of sex, area, level of education, etc. Facebook screens the profiles of its members and only shows your advertisement to the profiles of people who meet your previously established criteria. This is a highly effective way of recruitment as a result of which you do not miss out on a single candidate with the profile desired by you. Your vacancy is shown on the right of the profile of your potential candidates and if they are interested then they are free to click on it after which they are forwarded to a landing platform selected by you. This can be your own personalised jobsite or a page on your company website that provides more information about your company and the outstanding vacancy.


Opponents considers this to be a violation of privacy as we use the personal data of the candidates and approach them in their spare time. These arguments can immediately be dismissed as people who register with Facebook are well-familiar with the privacy settings and agree with the general terms and conditions. The fact that people are approached in their spare time has the advantage that they are relaxed and intentionally opt to look at your advertisement and whether or not to react. This way you also exclusively generate reactions of truly interested candidates. In these days we all are, for that matter, used to being overflown by advertising messages and other information, nobody is offended by this and we rather consider it to be normal and we appreciate the advantages of it. The application threshold via this option is reduced considerably, as a job-seeker you no longer need to leave your home to buy the newspaper or to actively enter search terms, the offers come to you as a result of which a new challenge is perhaps only a mouse click away. We did not mention the number of latent candidates yet that you can reach this way. Step into the shoes of a latent candidate: As an employee you are satisfied at your company and you do not plan to change. When you are updating your Facebook profile in your spare time and go through the profiles of your friends you suddenly notice an attractive advertisement for a position that you currently hold. You are curious how things go about at this other company and before you know it you click on it, you land on the vacancy page of the company and you receive an overview of the duties and the benefits. Then you are not far from an effective application anymore. You only need to enter your data and somebody will contact you. All together this process will take about 5 minutes of your spare time and it will, perhaps, result in a complete change in your life.

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