General Terms and Conditions

Click here to download our Terms and Conditions, they are binding in all relations between you (hereinafter referred to you as a customer) and Qiwie.


Definitions In these General Terms and Conditions the following terms are understood as follows:

Qiwie: A consultancy agency specialised in recruitment communication. Qiwie commits to carry out its assignment in an independent, objective manner and shall assist and advise the Customer in order to provide for its needs in relation to the services described below. Qiwie is a department and trade name of the PSC Group (PSC BVBA People Solutions Company at the Congresstraat 35 in (1000) Brussels, Belgium, company registration number with the Register of Legal Persons in Brussels: 0830.375.428).

Agreement: The arrangements established in a written or digital document in pursuance of which Qiwie makes services available to the Customer and of which these General Terms and Conditions form an integral part. The written or digital document is a purchase order prepared by the Customer or by Qiwie. In this purchase order reference is made to an order number and the selected services.

Services: The services that are described in the agreement stipulated and concluded between Qiwie and the Customer. Services include but are not limited to the preparation of job advertisements, the posting of job advertisements, the distribution of job advertisements, the management of job advertisements, marketing campaigns, employer branding, company presentations, the implementation of jobsite solutions, back office solutions and various other related activities and services. Qiwie only starts the supply of its services after a confirmation has been received by email, post or any other official form.

Customer: Each and every legal or natural person who concluded an agreement with Qiwie.

Force majeure: Qiwie cannot be held responsible in case of force majeure. Each and every circumstance beyond the control of Qiwie as a result of which the compliance with its obligations vis-à-vis the Customer is fully or partly hindered or as a result of which the compliance with these obligations can within reason not be desired of Qiwie, regardless as to whether this circumstance was foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the agreement. This circumstance does, in any case, include but is not limited to officially imposed obligations that affect the supply of services, breakdowns in the systems that are part of the internet, malfunctions in the telecommunication infrastructure, failure of the power facilities of Qiwie.

The Websites: This refers to the various job websites, news websites and various other types of websites that Qiwie advises in its services as well as, and the various other websites linked to this.