A stimulating and well-written vacancy at the basis of successful recruitment!

een goed geschreven vacature4A stimulating and well-written vacancy at the basis of successful recruitment!

To many candidates your vacancy is often the first contact with your company and on the basis thereof the candidate decides in only a few seconds whether he / she is reacting to your outstanding vacancy or not. You immediately understand that it is important to write and lay out your
vacancy in a well-considered and diligent manner.


Qiwie is pleased to give you some tips on how to make your vacancy inviting and how to prepare it according to the rules of the art:
  1. 1. Start your vacancy with a clear and inspiring title.

The title is the most important piece of text; namely, it determines the findability of your vacancy. Empathise with your target group and think about the terms that your future employee will use in his / her search for your new job. Use these terms in the title and keep it clear and recognisable. The vacancy title can differ from the internal job title, this is what you use in the job description.


  1. 2. Address your potential candidate directly and write actively.

Write in the way you would speak to the applicant, in the 1st and the 2nd person. It creates an immediate connection and involvement. The candidate reads the text as if it was prepared for him / her in person. Find out what your target group is and use their language in your vacancy. Write active sentences, this renders the text powerful and pleasant to read. Example: “We receive you in an inspiring environment” and not “You will be received in an inspiring environment.”


  1. 3. Be specific in demand and offer

Describe clearly and openly what you expect of the new employee and what you counter that with as an employer. Think about the areas of the package that are most representative of the position and only mention these, an infinite list of duties scares candidates off and the essence is lost in the enumeration. Indicate what you have to offer as an employer in terms of the salary, the working hours and the location. These elements provide for a qualitative and quantitative selection, this way only suitable and truly interested candidates will end up with you.


  1. 4. Introduce your company

By way of introduction of your vacancy you introduce your company. Explain how you are, what you are and what you stand for. This gives your future employee a peek under the bonnet of your organisation and it creates a picture of where they will end up. This part is certainly not exclusively required for large, well-known brands, the way you introduce your company and what values you pursue are matters that considerably affect potential candidates. Perhaps your company name is unknown but the brands that you distribute are not, then include these in your introduction. In other words: Expose yourself in your staff advertisement.


  1. 5. Optimise your vacancy

A good vacancy has fully been optimised in order that it obtains a high score in Google. Apply the rule of 5: State your company name, job title, and location at least 5 times in the vacancy.


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